Can we pay extra for first up on the Tram/Gondola?

For Tram: add $85 for the first person to the lesson price and $75 per person for guests 2-5.
For Gondi: add $70 for the first person and +60 per person for guests 2-5.

For example
It would have been $1100 for a full day lesson, $1185 for one-person early tram + $75 per person for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th guest.
For half day, it would have been $850 for the morning half day, $935 for one-person early tram + $75 per person for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th guest.
When prices increase during peak times, the additional person's fee are the same.
Gondi is +70 for the first person and +60 per person for guests 2-5.

Any specific gear needed?

-Only standard skiing gear. Everything you need to ski efficiently on the mountain. Ski with Scott is not approved for out-of-bounds skiing. Scott is an in-bounds skier looking for the best snow on the mountain.

Is there a time and place to meet in the morning?

Plan to meet in front of JHMR ticketing window. Meeting times depend upon early up or not. Early up on the Tram, we will meet no later than 8:20am on the back of the Tram dock on the deck for the RPK3 restaurant. First up on the Gondola, we will meet no later than 8:20am at the gondola. It is important to be on time/early to avoid missing your spot up! You should be ready to go at those times (Got your tickets? Gear on and ready to go? Eat before hand? Morning constitutional?)  

To catch one of the first lifts up at no additional charge, we need to be IN LINE no later than 8:35am.

Early lift access is available for private, adult local group clients and camps. All guests must be accompanied by an MSS instructor or backcountry guide before loading the Tram/Gondi. Advance bookings are required for all early lift access. To book, contact the sales staff at least one day before- more, if during holiday rush. You MUST provide an accurate guest count when booking.

​Once booked, make sure you and your guests understand the routine before powder fever sets in! Meet your clients on the snow, either off of the back deck of the tram or in front of the gondola maze. You may not load until your entire group is present. Check in with the MSS Supervisor who is overseeing early access loading, let him/her know your group is all present and ready to go, and follow any further instructions the supervisor may give you as you load. If your group misses your time slot for early tram, you may check with the Supervisor overseeing the early gondola instead.

Once at the top, be respectful of the work other departments are still doing to get the mountain open. Stay out of the way by proceeding directly inside the Rendezvous Lodge (Gondi), or inside/on the deck of Corbet’s Cabin (Tram). ABSOLUTELY NO PUTTING ON SKIS/SNOWBOARDS UNTIL SKI PATROL OFFICIALLY CALLS THE MOUNTAIN OPEN- NO EXCEPTIONS!

​Understand that early access is a privilege that JHMR has extended to the Mountain Sports School for its private clientele. There may be instances when the avalanche hazard for the day demands that early access be called off. Our supervisors and sales staff will communicate this information to you as we receive it, and we appreciate your patience and understanding on these challenging mornings when we would all rather be up skiing powder already, too!

Early up on Tram/Gondola?

Waiver of Liabilities?

-Any waivers that need to be signed will be handled by JHMR when purchasing your lift ticket. 

How long in advance should I sign up?

-The earlier the better. To get the best price, you should have 5 people total ready to sign up. Watch the snow forecast. See an upcoming storm on the forecast? Book your spots right away! Keep an eye on our email updates to stay informed on upcoming heavy snow days.